Setting up a backend

rasa NLU itself doesn’t have any external requirements, but to do something useful with it you need to install & configure a backend.

Option 1 : MITIE

The MITIE backend is all-inclusive, in the sense that it provides both the NLP and the ML parts.

pip install git+

and then download the MITIE models . The file you need is total_word_feature_extractor.dat. Save this somewhere and in your config.json add 'mitie_file' : '/path/to/total_word_feature_extractor.dat'.

Option 2 : spaCy + scikit-learn

You can also run using these two in combination.

installing spacy just requires:

pip install -U spacy
python -m all

If you haven’t used numpy/scipy before, it is highly recommended that you use conda. steps are

  • install anaconda
  • conda install scikit-learn

otherwise if you know what you’re doing, you can also just pip install -U scikit-learn